Meet Our Very Own In-House Dad

If you've ever seen Lotus and Luna in your favorite Surf Shop or boutique, chances are you've seen one of our beautiful handmade bamboo displays that showcase our bracelets and chokers. Although our accessories are all handmade in Thailand, our displays are made right here in Southern California. Don Sisting is our only artisan here in the USA, and he also happens to be the father of our founder, Janelle Sisting. 

Over the past year and a half we've been in business, Don has made almost six hundred displays, and constructed an entire booth for the trade shows we attend several times per year. We recently paid him a visit at his workshop to find out more about his process and what it means to him. 

Don works out of the family home (which he built all by himself, by the way) in Camarillo, California. When we drove up, we weren't surprised to see him out front, working away amongst about thirty displays in various stages of production, being closely supervised by the family dog, Kleo. He happily welcomed us inside, where we interviewed him over a couple burritos. 


How did you originally start working with Lotus and Luna?

"My daughter was getting her business going, and of course I was willing to help however I could. She knew that I had the skills, so she asked me if I could put together a batch of displays to get her started. Well, it's been about a year and a half now, and six hundred displays!" 

What motivates you to stick with it and continue working in your retirement?

"Well it sure isn't the money!" He jokes. "I really like building stuff. I always planned to spend my retirement working with my hands and creating woodwork projects, like furniture and other things. This is just a different way of doing that, and I get to help my daughter out and watch her run her business from a unique perspective. I think any Dad would find a special satisfaction in that. It's also fun to travel to the trade shows and see the success she's had in action."

Have you been to Thailand with Janelle yet?

"I haven't. My wife has, and they had a great time together. I'd really like to go see it someday soon. Maybe I'll go this December or next year. I also want to see Vietnam and maybe do a long motorcycle ride through it."

Tell us a little bit more about the displays themselves, and your process. 

"Well it starts with the design. I work closely with our designer Ashley Villatuya, who sends me a concept, and after we bounce ideas back and forth, I get to work. When I started the job, I used bamboo from my own back yard. But as the company grew and the orders kept flooding in, I ran out and had to find it elsewhere. I actually found a place in San Diego to source the Bamboo, so now I drive down there once in a while and use it as an excuse to drop in on Janelle too!"


And what about the trade show booth?

"The booths are a much bigger project. We work on them for months at a time, and its always a really fun challenge. You have to think about what will look great for the brand to attract buyers at the show, but also think about how to fit the walls, all the furniture, flooring - everything into the smallest crate possible to ship to the show; Its like a big puzzle. Sometimes there are surprises or changes right at the end and I have to work overtime, hustling to get it finished and save the day in true fatherly fashion"

True Fatherly fashion indeed! Was this the career you pictured for Janelle growing up?

"I always knew Janelle would be a savvy business person. She had her first job around age twelve or thirteen, helping out an elderly woman from our church, and she was always searching for ways to make her own money. I wanted to get her a corporate job at Mercedes-Benz, where I worked as a mechanic for many many years, but she wanted to be a lawyer. I didn't really think that was a good fit for her personality and spirit, so I was very relieved when she decided to create her own brand."

Besides Lotus and Luna, are there any other special interests or hobbies that you and Janelle share?

"Janelle and I both love to run, and we've always shared that as a special connection. I've been running ever since I can remember, and I first realized Janelle had the bug when she was really young. We were on a hike in Yosemite; the whole family had had enough and was ready to turn back, but Janelle just wanted to keep going and going! She has amazing stamina and ran her first race at age four. In fact, I believe she still holds the record for the 800 meter race at her High School!" *(Awe we love a good Dad brag!)


 After our lunch, Don helped us load a fresh batch of about twenty displays into the car to take back to San Diego with us, and we said our goodbyes. As we pulled away, Don got right back to work on the next batch, with Kleo reassuming her position at his feet. Lotus and Luna is so lucky to have Don on our team, and Janelle is even luckier to have such a supportive, loving, and skilled man to call 'Dad'. 

Wishing a Happy Fathers Day to Don and all the amazing fathers our there!! 

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June 09, 2017 by Ashley Villatuya

Paleo/Whole30 Meatballs with Zoodles Recipe!


Like most things, Instagram is where I first heard about Whole30. A coworker had posted that she and her boyfriend were doing ‘Whole30′ with an image of some very healthy looking foods. I was intrigued so I googled it and read up on program and decided to give this thing a try. I have since become a Whole30 fanatic, completing 6 rounds in the last 3 years.


Whole30 is essentially a body reset, from the mind to the stomach and everything in between. You eliminate most inflammatory foods along with processed and empty calorie foods for 30 days. It can help you jumpstart your metabolism and it even helps some people cure ailments that may be caused by the foods they eat and are not even aware.   For more on Whole30 check out their site.


So what do I eat on Whole30? Tons of natural foods like meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and lots of coffee with coconut milk! One of my favorite things to eat is both Paleo and Whole30 approved, Meatballs with zoodles and garlic spaghetti sauce. They are quick to make, perfect for meal prepping because they can store for a week (or longer in the freezer), and their macronutrient count are great if you are flexible dieting (IIFYM, aka, If It Fits Your Macros).


I always make this meal with beef but I have substituted ground turkey, pork, and chicken in them, usually whatever is in the store and whatever is cheapest. I can’t tell the difference in the taste! The only difference I have found is in handling and assembling the meatballs, ground chicken is very sticky. I prefer ground turkey in mine and I use a spiralizer I bought from amazon to make the zoodles.



Makes 5 meals and takes about 25 minutes start to finish.


1 lb ground beef

1 lb ground turkey

1 tbsp dried parsley

1 tbsp dried italian seasonings

2 tsp garlic powder

Salt & pepper to taste

3 large zucchini

1 jar Trader Joe's Roasted Garlic Spaghetti Sauce (or any whole30 compliant sauce you prefer)

To Make:

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Assemble meatballs by combining beef, turkey, parsley, italian seasonings, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Combine by hand until well mixed, not overworking the meat too much. Using hands or a ⅓ cup measuring cup, form meatballs and place on a foil lined baking sheet (I use foil to make cleanup easy). You should have about 15 meatballs.
  3. Bake meatballs for 20 minutes or until cooked through.
  4. While meatballs bake, use a spiralizer (or chop by hand) zucchinis into zoodles.
  5. Next steps are determined by when you plan to eat the meal: If you are meal prepping, place the zoodles right into the containers and top with 1/5 of the jar of sauce into each container. If you are serving immediately, heat a large saute pan on medium high with a light coating of olive oil. Heat the zoodles for 3 minutes and stir in the spaghetti sauce.
  6. Top dishes or containers with cooked meatballs. I usually always have 15 meatballs, so 3 per container. To reheat cook in microwave for 3 minutes.

The nutritional breakdown*, if you are counting macros is:

307 calories

Protein: 25 grams

Carbs: 18 grams

Fat: 15 grams


*Based on 85/15 beef and ground turkey breast 3 meatballs

About Me:

Hi! My name is Nikki Kirk and my journey to a healthy lifestyle started like many others, with yo-yo dieting and intermittent exercising. My weight has been up and down throughout my 20’s, from 195 to 135 lbs.

Two years ago in a search for influential women to follow on Instagram, I came across Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide (BBG) program. I decided to give that a try along with eating clean, whole foods, and the results have been more than I dreamed! Finally, at 30 years old, I have found a balance that’s allowed me to live a healthy lifestyle and more importantly, maintain it.

I’ve been documenting my journey on my instagram account and my blog ( Follow along for support on your health and fitness goals! @nikkirk7 

Get 20% off your Lotus and Luna purchase using my code: NIKKI20

Are you interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador or guest blogger for Lotus and Luna?



March 13, 2017 by Courtney Carterette

Spring Break Style Essentials

Spring Break 2017 is in full swing and festival season is right around the corner! Its time to stock up on all of your fashion, beauty, and fitness needs! Here's a list of everything you'll need to make sure your Spring Break and Festival seasons are a shining success! Find out how to win this essential gift bag below.
Spring is here, everyone! That means the weather is getting warmer and colors are getting brighter, why not heat up your look with some lip colors from Scorch? With these bright, bold and beautiful looks, you'll be looking fresh and fierce for spring break!
Planning on spending your break lounging in the sun? 
Vagabond donates 10% of their profits to charities that protect our oceans and wildlife. So you don't even have to get up off of your gorgeous round towel to do some good for the environment.
Down dog just feels better when you're smiling, doesn't it? Affirmats yoga mats adorn positive affirmations to keep your positivity and Om right in front of you throughout your flow.  AND It's so much easier to relax and unwind when you know that your yoga mat is non toxic, biodegradable, and eco friendly!
Make a splash this season with Imsy Swimwear! These adorable kinis are handcrafted and made to last through tons of surf and sun. We love the giant beach tote we're giving away- it's perfect for hauling all of your beach picnic necessities! 
"I had 99 problems... but coconuts solved them all" is pretty much the mantra of anyone who has discovered Organic Fiji's Coconut oil based products. From soothing a sunburn, to reviving dry beach hair, to melting away cellulite, the list of coconut oil's benefits is endless and Organic Fiji is your one stop shop!
If you're reading this, we already know you love jewelry with a bigger purpose. Meet Lotus and Luna's long lost sister-brand: Nica Life! Each accessory is hand made in Nicaragua and provides consistent work to the villagers who make these gorgeous, beach inspired goodies! 

Want to win an amazing gift bag including all of these Spring Break Essentials? Read below to find out how!


5 Ways to Enter: Each step counts as one entry, the more you participate, the more entries you get and better chances to win our prize pack!

REQUIRED TO ENTER: Sign up for the Lotus and Luna newsletter by clicking the link in our Instagram bio :

FOR 1 EXTRA ENTRY EACH: Follow @shoplotusandluna @imsyswimwear @vagabondbeach @scorch_Makeup @organicfiji @affirmats @nicalifejewelry on Instagram or Facebook (1 entry for each follow)

FOR 3 EXTRA ENTRIES EACH: Repost our Giveaway post on your own Instagram tagging all listed brands

FOR 5 EXTRA ENTIRES: Share THIS BLOG POST on your Facebook and send us a screenshot.

FOR 10 EXTRA ENTRIES: Make a purchase on any of the participating brands' websites, and email us your order confirmation with subject line: Contest Entry to

*Follow our Snapchat and Instagram for extra secret ways to enter!*


GRAND PRIZE: - Pictured Gift Basket worth over $600

2nd Prize:

Lotus and Luna Triple wrap bracelet  + $50 dollar gift card

3rd Prize:

Lotus and Luna $25 Gift Card
March 06, 2017 by Courtney Carterette

Stone Spotlight: JADE

As winter slowly starts to fade into spring, it is easy to feel drained and can be difficult to channel your energy! These lethargic feelings combatted the amazing benefits of wearing Jade lead us to create many bracelet styles using the energetic and healing stone. Little did we know, Jade has many meanings and benefits that can be of use for everyone! A few of our favorite Jade features can be found below.


PHYSICAL HEALING: Wearing or meditating with Jade can begin to heal problems from illness or accidents, and the combination of Jade and infrared heat is scientifically proven to relieve pain! Jade has been used throughout ancient and modern history to support healing of the skeletal system and tissues, promoting growth and renewal. Jade has had notably positive effects on women combatting anorexia, infertility, and new mothers.


SPIRITUAL HEALING: Jade is believed to support happiness and harmony within family and work relationships. This is because Jade promotes positive intentions within the wearer, while protecting them from negativity and deceit.


EMOTIONAL HEALING: The common use or wearing of Jade leads to balance in both the body and the mind! By eliminating negativity, many feel a surge of energy and ambition. Jade often allows people to let go of whatever has been holding them back, and embrace the present and future with confidence and courage.


ZODIAC: Jade is the gemstone of both Libra and Taurus. It is also the birth stone of those born between April 20th and June 20th!

Check out our Jade SALE and use code JADEROX through 3/3 to save 30% off all Jade Styles! 

February 27, 2017 by Courtney Carterette

Travel Diary: The Ineffable Isle of Skye

By: Alexis Gautier

To travel to the Isle of Skye is like going back in time. The landscapes of this magical designation in Scotland will take your breath away! 

It exists all around us - in the mountains, in wildflowers and rainbows, in the rush of the wind, in the moment you snap a photo and capture THE shot. Magic is everywhere, and it is patiently waiting for our senses to get stronger and sharper - waiting for us to notice it with eyes bright.

You'd have to be blind to not recognize the magic that exists in the Isle of Skye and Highlands of Scotland. I can't even begin to describe all the beauty I witnessed in three short days. There's only one word I can come up with to describe it.


Skye is ineffable.

So I'll let the pictures speak for themselves :)

One of the best decisions I've made during my travels thus far was to book a MacBackpackers tour (I did the 3 day Isle of Skye tour for anyone wondering). Our guide was Mark, and he truly made the whole experience a memory that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. His story telling brought the history of the land to life in a way that made you feel like you were a part of it, witnessing firsthand. So thank you Mark for the passion you showed towards your home, and for allowing us to fall in love with it too.

In three short, filled to the brim days, we explored historic battlefields, the famous fairy pools, and quaint towns.

We saw castles and waterfalls crashing into the ocean.

We went on the most enchanting hikes I've ever been on that effortlessly took my breath away.

We heard tales of warriors, monsters, and fairies.

We visited the lake where the Loch Ness monster lurks in the shadowy depths.

We got to come up close with Scottish highlands cows.

And we definitely saw our fair share of Scottish sheep, who roam free in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I don't know what kind of spell Skye cast on me. All I know is that when I go back through these photos, I always find myself daydreaming of being back - looking up to the mountains, whose peaks hide in the clouds - standing on the edge of a cliff with thoughts of free falling into the ocean -always in a 360 spin in constant awe... in constant wonder.

Yes, magic does exist, and you will find it in Skye.

About our Guest Blogger:

Alexis Gautier is a Florida native who loves to capture moments through the lens. Her passions include travel, photography, music, inspiring & motivating others to follow their dreams. She always seems to be in a new and amazing corner of the world, and we're honored that she takes Lotus and Luna along for the ride! Follow her on instagram and vimeo! You can also use her code ALEXIS20 for 20% off Lotus and Luna!

Do you want to be a Lotus and Luna ambassador? Sign up HERE!

February 01, 2017 by Ashley Villatuya

Chocolate Candy Cane Energy Balls Recipe by Stella The Light

Are you looking for a healthy Holiday Dessert, Guiltless Vegan Dessert, or a Mini Christmas Dessert idea for a Holiday party? This Vegan Chocolate Candy Cane Energy Ball recipe is everything you need and more!

Ingredients Needed:

      • 1 cup of rolled oats
      • 1 1/4 cup of chopped dates (Medjool dates)
      • 1/4 cup cocoa powder or cacao powder or carob powder
      • 2-4 drops of peppermint.
      • Crushed/Blended candy cane (to coat!)


    1. Blend oats (in vitamix or food processor!) to either a fine consistency or leave it chunkier for most oat chunks in the date balls.
    2. Add in cocoa powder powder and blend until even.
    3. Add in dates + peppermint drops and blend until a dough is formed.
    4. Separate into Tablespoon sized sections and roll them into balls.
    5. Roll each ball in crushed candy cane to coat.
    6. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate for later.

Et Voila! Your batch of delicious Chocolate Candy Cane Energy Balls is complete and oh so delicious! Bring them to a holiday party as an easy finger food dessert, or refrigerate them and keep for festive and energizing snacks to get you through the week, while distracting you from the other, less healthy options surrounding you this season!

Note: This recipe can easily be tinkered around with to cater to anyones taste with flavors like Peanut Butter/Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Coconut, Cookie dough etc! 

The holidays seem to be the biggest time of the year to be “lenient” with health. The main reason being that it is your last chance to be “naughty” before New Years and the inevitable rushed New Year resolution!

Why not enjoy your food AND your health? It is so simple when adopting a whole foods, plant based diet.  You will feel no guilt or shame with this lifestyle but also no restriction or “FOMO” (fear of missing out!) - we eat the best foods and have recipes for any and all types of foods you can imagine!

Like this one for my Chocolate Candy Cane Energy Balls! They are full of everything your body wants and needs and nothing it doesn't!

Check out my Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Recipe and How going Plant Based Changed my Life

About the Guest Blogger - Stella The Light


I am a 24 year old Plant Based Health Coach. I run two transition programs (for those wanting to live this amazing lifestyle!) and also have two information packed E-books all about how I live, what I eat and what this lifestyle is all about! 

Visit: and contact me today, tell me YOUR story. Why do you wanna go plant based?

Get 20% off all Lotus and Luna purchases with my exclusive code: STELLA20 

Bracelets Pictured: Winter is Coming , Banzai , Navajo Spirit 

*Additional Photo Credits to @eclisse_crazioni
Are you interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador or guest blogger for Lotus and Luna?
December 23, 2016 by Ashley Villatuya
How Going Plant Based Changed My Life

How Going Plant Based Changed My Life

By: Stella the Light

I am a thriving young woman who loves hiking, camping and anything to do with nature. My family is my everything and their support and happiness breathes life into me. I am in the best shape, mentally and physically, of my entire life. I am lean, strong and brimming over with self love.. All thanks to the discovery of a plant based, high carb lifestyle.

It all began roughly 6 years ago …

I hit my rock bottom at the age of 18. I had been diagnosed with high anxiety and OCD and had no idea how to deal. Going through a strung out addiction, two stays in rehab, almost 6 months away from my family and finally the long road to recovery. After rising above addiction I headed down the "fitness industry" path - restriction, gimmick diets, over exercising, distorted body image, severe low self esteem, orthorexia, bulimia and other eating disorder patterns. It seemed I was never mentally healing - just carrying my heavy mental issues through each stage of my life... going straight from drug abuse to an eating disorder - never catching a break! I needed change... and soon.

Finally taking the leap to a plant based diet has brought me the pure joy and abundance I have been craving all of these years. My entire mental state has flipped - I am now in complete control of my emotions. I am eating more nutritious, gorgeous food than I ever have before with zero restriction. My digestive issues have vanished - no more bloating, gas, indigestion or heartburn.

 The shape my body has taken on through eating plant based is astonishing. I am lean & toned & my stomach is flat. I am at my optimal body weight and shape. My skin is so clear and beautiful and my mind is just as clear & beautiful! Every aspect of my life has sky rocketed.

I want to give this feeling to anyone who wants to take this step and gain control. No matter what walk of life you have been on - this lifestyle WILL amplify your happiness and health! So, let's get your mind AND body right through a plant based diet!

I mean, how good do these look?

Eating a whole foods, plant based diet goes so much deeper than being the most sustainable way to keep a fit, healthy body. There are so many more beneficial factors that come along with this lifestyle - amazing digestion, abundant energy, no counting calories, mental clarity, amazing skin/hair/nails and of course, it is the easiest and biggest impact you can have on the environment. You’ll find a new sense of calm, a connection to mind and body and a new respect for all living beings. There truly is no reason NOT to go plant based!

 I have had an incredible time coming up with recipes and exploring brand new and interesting ways to create plant based meals. I start most of my mornings with the most nutrient dense foods this planet has to offer - whole plant foods! I like to start first with 16-32oz of water, adding lemon, ginger or cucumber for a little flavor. This aids in jump starting digestion for the day and hydrates you (remember you haven’t drank anything for around 8+ hours!

 For breakfast I usually go for a sweet, delicious home made smoothie or smoothie bowl! Hydrating, nutrient dense, energizing, easy to digest and quick to make! I always add in fruit for all of my micro and macro nutrients + some seeds for my whole plant fats and protein. This combo keeps me fired up & fueled for my busy days!

 My all time favorite combination for hot summer days has always been coconut + pineapple - so of course my go-to smoothie has been a creamy, sweet Pina Colada smoothie! (pictured above) Check out the recipe HERE and a Delicious Holiday Dessert recipe HERE!

A little about Me...

I am a 23 year old Plant Based Health Coach. I run two transition programs (for those wanting to live this amazing lifestyle!) and also have two information packed E-books all about how I live, what I eat and what this lifestyle is all about!


Visit: and contact me today, tell me YOUR story. Why do you wanna go plant based?

Get 20% off all Lotus and Luna purchases with my exclusive code: STELLA20 





November 01, 2016 by Ashley Villatuya

San Diego Ocean Front Yoga with Namasteve

We love yoga, and sharing our favorite instructors with you! Living in San Diego, one of our favorite combinations is yoga + the beach, and we wanted to share our beach front yoga experience with you. For all of you who live in San Diego, come practice with us! Read more to learn about free yoga in San Diego, and the amazing instructor Steve who hosts classes 4 times a week!  If you don't live in San Diego, or you don't have time to go to a class in person, read to the end of the blog for a FREE month of online yoga with NamaSteve!

Since many of you live in other parts of the world, we created two special videos to share our ocean front experience with you. Join us below for two short videos that we created for you-  14 minute Core Boost Challenge class, and our 10 minute Yoga after a day in the office

San Diego Ocean Front Yoga

 Steve hosts donation based, ocean front yoga classes every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 11:30am am, overlooking Law street beach. Breathe in the fresh ocean air as you stretch and move to Steve's yoga classes. This is one of our favorite activities in San Diego, and best of all, it is donation based, so it is affordable and accessible to anyone! Show up, with or without a mat, work as hard, or as little as you like, and come relax and rejuvenate after a busy week, or detox after a busy weekend :) 

Can't attend classes in person? NamaSteve is offering all of you one month of free yoga online! Visit his website at and enter our special discount code: LOTUS  at checkout to receive one free month of online yoga!



About NamaSteve:


Steve started hosting Ocean Front yoga classes in beautiful Pacific Beach, San Diego, in 2006. Now, after 10 years of teaching his donation based classes, he has over 200 yogis attend his Saturday and Sunday classes.

Steve is originally from Buffalo, NY and began practicing yoga thirteen years ago to improve his volleyball game. After getting into his practice, he realized there was much more to yoga then just a good work out. We sat down with Steve to hear more about his practice, and received some great inspiration. 


What is your favorite yoga pose?

The Upavistha Konasana or seated angle pose is my all time favorite. I love how it allows me to just hang out, breathe, open my hips, and loosen my hamstrings.

What inspired you to start donation based, ocean front yoga? 

I just saw an opportunity to make the practice accessible to a broader range of people. I can't tell you how much I love hearing stories from people who through a regular practice have had some kind of positive shift in their life. Because of Oceanfront yoga I get to hear these stories on a regular basis. I love it.

What are your biggest challenges in your practice? 

I would say my biggest challenge is backing off and allowing myself to take a day off or just do a couple yin postures rather than a full power practice.

Why is yoga so good, and who can benefit? 

Everyone can benefit from yoga. Yoga is the oldest known science designed to create and maintain physical health, mental clarity, and emotional equanimity. Anyone who is looking to find some balance in their lives should practice it.

What advice would you give to a new yogi who can't afford a membership at a studio?

Look around for donation based classes like the one I lead, if you're interested in starting out without the cost of a membership.

How do you think the ideals of yoga can influence our lives off the mat?

I believe ideally we use the lessons of patience, humility, compassion, and many others that we learn on our mat in our lives. That's when our yoga practice becomes really powerful and permeates every aspect of our lives.

Any words of inspiration for us? 

One of my favorite quotes is "how you do anything is how you do everything". Simply put, the way we show up on our mat is the way we show up in our lives.




October 28, 2016 by Ashley Villatuya

5 Tips to get in the Spooky Spirit 🎃

FALL HAS ARRIVED! The most gorgeous time of the year when the leaves are an array of deep red, orange and yellow tones. The weather is starting to cool down and the crisp fall air is upon us, but the holiday season is just starting to heat up. If you’re still mourning the end of Summer, just follow these top five tips and you’ll be in the trickery and ghostly spirit in no time!
1. Decorations
Some freaky and frightening decor is essential to creating all of your spooky vibes! Nothing chills our Halloween hearts like pumpkins, spider webs, ghosts and ghouls, and gravestones on every street. It’s just like Christmas! Decorations get everyone pumped up for the big day, and who doesn’t love seeing all the different ideas neighbors and businesses come up with!
2. Horror Movies
My favorite part of the spooky season is the excuse to watch a cauldron full of horror movies! All of October is an excuse for movie marathons and you can’t go wrong with the classics like The Poltergeist or Carrie (no remakes allowed!). If you don’t have time for a movie marathon, Netflix and Thrill with an episode of American Horror Story or the X-Files.
3. Pumpkin Patches
There’s nothing like a field of pumpkins, corn mazes, and a little hot cider to get you falling for Fall! Pumpkin patches are the perfect way to get in some quality time with friends and family. Taking a hayride through the rows and rows of corn, search endlessly for the perfect pumpkin to carve, you can really make a day of it! And don’t forget all the noms too- roasted pumpkin seeds, apple cider donuts, hot chocolate… all treats and no tricks at the pumpkin patch!
4. Haunted Houses
Ahh, haunted houses! They’re to DIE for! Whether you prefer the one in your neighbor’s garage or the scariest theme park fright night, they’re all terrifyingly awesome! Everyone loves a good spook and pranks are definitely welcome during this time of the year. What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than getting the spirit scared out of you!
5. Pumpkin Spice
As soon as the fall season starts, the pumpkin spice comes out! From coffee to marshmallows to chips to hummus to Oreos, America is in loooove with Pumpkin Spice. I actually think my caffeine intake triples when the season comes around just because of that yummy pumpkin spice coffee! Next time you find yourself face to face with pumpkin spice, take the plunge and flavor blast your Fall season!
Whether you do a few or you do them all, the haunts are upon us and its time to celebrate! Tis the spooky season 🎃
Written by Genie Wright, Lotus and Luna Brand Ambassador. Check her out on Instagram! @GenieAWright
October 20, 2016 by Courtney Carterette

Our First Video Series

 How to Style your Lotus and Luna Products

We spent the past few weeks recording videos to show you some creative ways to wear your Lotus and Luna products! This is the first of our video series, featuring our favorite accessories.

1. Three Ways to Wear your Triple Wrap Bracelet

Our first video shows you how to wear your triple wrap bracelet as a wrap bracelet, a boho chic headband, and as an arm cuff. Try all three and don't forget to send us pictures of your favorite style! 

2. How to Style your Lotus and Luna Kimono Belt

We love our kimono belts as they are so versatile! Wear it as a belt to close up your kimono, or try it as a headband, boho turban, or style it as a skinny scarf with your fall wardrobe. Watch our quick video below to learn our favorite ways to wear our belts. 

3. How to Wear Our 3 in 1 Kimonos

Elephant print anyone??? We love elephants and of course Thailand, so 10% of the proceeds from our 3 in 1 elephant kimonos are donated back to support elephant conservation in Northern Thailand. These versatile kimonos can be worn as a scarf, kimono poncho, or as a sarong for a beachy look. Winter or summer, these can be worn year round and are great travel accessories. 

4. Different Ways to Wear a Scarf- How to Wear a Skinny Scarf

Our last video in this series shows 3 different ways to wear a skinny scarf. These methods can all be tried with a regular scarf too! Try your skinny scarf as a regular scarf, choker scarf, or tie it to the side and wear it with a jacket for a cute fall look. 

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and stay tuned for more fun videos coming up! Next week, we are shooting a yoga series highlighting our favorite poses, and stay tuned for our DIY series for the holidays. Thanks for tuning in! 

October 05, 2016 by Ashley Villatuya