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Lotus and Luna empowers artisan communities through educational resources, fair wages, and endless opportunities.

Handcrafted with Love

Our unique, handcrafted products promote growth among our villages in Thailand, helping them achieve a better quality of life. We are proud to spread the importance of ethical consumption by sharing their talents with the world.

Your support enables us to make the world a better place, one village at a time!

Our Artisans

Welcome to Chiang Mai, Thailand, home to our talented team of artisans! Meet the women that help run the show and handcraft all of your favorite products.


5 Tribes Donation Program

At Lotus & Luna, we're dedicated to igniting change and enhancing skills. Through our partnership with Breanna's House of Joy , we supply enrolled students with scrap fabric, to be used for nurturing their talent in sewing, weaving, and hand-stitched artistry.

The majority of BHJ graduates pursue a degree in higher education. These degrees allow them to find jobs that will break the cycle of poverty for themselves and the next generation of young people. Our surplus fabric finds purpose with students who are enrolled in sewing lessons, craft sessions, and various activities that cultivate an immersive learning environment for girls to acquire new skills. Together, we're building a sustainable future by providing enduring opportunities for growth and economic upliftment in the communities we touch.


How we started

While traveling through Asia, our founder Janelle Clasby fell in love with Thailand. The kindness of the Thai people inspired her to start a business that would alleviate the daily stress of living in poverty. After meeting our first artisans, Wilawan, Rung, and Watini, she was determined to create a consistent job for these talented women and pay them fairly for their high quality work. Starting with just three artisans, we have now grown to employ over 300.