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oonstone is a beautiful and ethereal gemstone known for its soft shimmer, or adularescence, reminiscent of moonlight. It's used in jewelry for its captivating appearance and its believed properties, such as enhancing intuition, emotional balance, and connection to the divine feminine.

Wearing Moonstone can symbolize various things, including enhanced intuition, emotional healing, and a connection to the divine feminine energy. Many people wear Moonstone to foster a sense of calm, balance, and inner wisdom. It's also often associated with the lunar phases and the cycles of life, making it a symbol of change and transformation. Ultimately, the meaning of wearing Moonstone can be deeply personal and tied to the intentions of the wearer.

Genuine Moonstone typically exhibits an unmistakable adularescent effect, a subtle white or blue glow just beneath the surface. It is translucent but may have a slight cloudiness. Some types, like Rainbow Moonstone, may display iridescent colors. When you purchase Moonstone jewelry from us, rest assured it's authentic, sourced from reputable suppliers, and guaranteed to be genuine.