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Lotus and Luna is proud to give our customers the chance to opt-in to planting a tree with their order with the help of our partner Ecodrive!

What's planted?

Our partner, Ecodrive, plants verified mangrove trees. Mangroves can capture and store more carbon than almost any other tree on the planet. Each tree can sequester about 500-680 pounds of carbon in its lifetime. A large portion of this carbon is stored in the soil and sediment under the tree’s roots which means the majority of it will stay there for centuries.

Where is it planted?

Our partner, Ecodrive, plants verified mangrove trees on protected land in Kenya. These mangroves are a native species and the transparency around verified planting through our partners is unmatched. Outside of reducing carbon emissions, the planting of mangroves is also aiding in the alleviation of poverty by creating jobs for local villagers. Every 100 trees planted creates 1 full work day for a local villager in need.

Your Impact

These trees also create habitat for hundreds of organisms, including 341 threatened species across the world. They protect shorelines from erosion and storm surges, keeping ecosystems and the people who live there safe. As mangroves take in water they filter out pollutants before releasing water vapor back into the air. When you place an order at our store and participate in Ecodrive at checkout, you will receive the same high-quality products you’ve come to expect, with the added bonus of having a tree with amazing ecological benefits planted for you!