The Ultimate Gift Guide for Spiritual Women

November 16th, 2023

Shopping for the perfect gift for aspiritual woman in your life? Lotus and Luna artfully blends style and spiritual significance into all of our designs. Each piece of healing jewelry carries its own energy and intention! This guide will include the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts that align with her unique spiritual journey. 

1) For the Woman Rediscovering Self-Love:

Featuring pearl and moonstone, this healing necklace will help bring purity and diminish negativity to promote prosperity while strengthening a connection to the inner goddess. Pearl helps to build the confidence needed to establish everlasting self-love!

2) For the Woman Manifesting Good Fortune:

Primarily a stone of prosperity, aventurine activates feelings of hope and optimism, opening the heart chakra and inviting bountiful possibilities! This intentional focus on the positive attracts abundance and good fortune in return. 

3) For a Woman Learning to Embrace her Power

Stimulating all seven chakras and magnified by their proximity to each other on the necklace- pearl, turquoise, lapis lazuli, rose quartz and more help guide you in your journey to unlocking the power within. Wear this necklace as a reminder of your divine feminine strength! 

4) For a Woman Seeking Protection

For times of change amidst the chaos of life, find a sense of firmness, consistency, and self-control. Black onyx is worn for protection and can help heal old emotional wounds, promoting confidence and a sense of calmness and ease in any environment.

5) For a Woman Experiencing New Beginnings

Attuned to the energy of the moon, moonstone is known to stabilize emotions, decrease stress, and enhance intuition to help guide you through challenging transitions. Feel strong and inspired in your new favorite dainty necklace staple! 

Surprise her with a gift that aligns with her values and passions, and watch her light up with joy and gratitude! Your gift will go beyond the material, reflecting a supportive understanding of her journey towards well-being. Shop our collection of Healing Jewelry now! 


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