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how we started

While traveling through Asia, our founder Janelle Clasby fell in love with Thailand. The kindness of the Thai people inspired her to start a business that would alleviate the daily stress of living in poverty. After meeting our first artisans, Wilawan, Rung, and Watini, she was determined to create a consistent job for these talented women and pay them fairly for their high quality work. Starting with just three artisans, we have now grown to employ over 300.

"I wanted to help because I thought the people were really kind and nice and they deserved a better quality of life. Not struggling so much, not having to wonder where your next meal is coming from or stress about things that you can’t afford." - Janelle


Lotus and Luna

first storefront

After 2 years of establishing our brand, we opened up a retail store in San Diego, CA!


For every mask we sold we donated one to healthcare professionals in the US. We sold so many that we started handing them out to local businesses, homeless shelters, and donated 10 free masks to workers in education.

Hired More Artisans

Due to mask sales, our artisan team nearly doubled, from 150 artisans to 300! 

$20k for families in need

We reached out to our customers to nominate someone who may be in need of support during the holidays and received an overwhelming response. So much so that we expanded our giveaway from 10 to 26 winners and we gave away $20,000 amongst the winners.

love your neighbor campaign

100% of net proceeds from the sale of this collection went towards our business neighbor, Timeless Nails to support paying off their debt due to Covid-19 closures.

2021 - 2022
thailand food donations

We have sponsored many food drives across Thailand, supporting orphanages, schools, and those struggling to feed their families during the pandemic. During our first food drive, we fed 500 people for 5 days, and we later handed out survival bags with cash, kilos of rice, eggs, canned fish, toilet paper, and soap.

Moved to lotus and luna hq

our san diego team

  1. The Product

    San Diego, CA

    Our patterns and prints are designed by our Production Team and sent over to Thailand for the next steps.

  2. Creating the Fabric

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Seksan, our fabric manufacturer in Bangkok - creates ~4,000 rolls of fabric per year for us. Lotus and Luna has played a major role in keeping his business alive and growing!

  3. Bangkok to Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

    The fabrics roll are then sent over to the villages in Chiang Mai.

  4. Distributing the Work

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Watini, our Head Artisan of our Apparel Village, distributes rolls of fabric to Artisans who pattern fabrics.-Extra scrap fabric is used as rope to tie stacks of cut out fabric together-Large scrap is used for hair accessories

  5. Sewing the Garments

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Fabric is counted and transported by motorbikes for the next Artisans to take home and sew the garments.

  6. Packing Process

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

    The finished garments are then transported back to the facility where it is quality checked, tagged, and sealed before the shipment.

  7. Traveling to SD

    San Diego, CA

    All the garments are packaged into around 250 boxes each shipment and sent on a boat to San Diego.

  8. Shipping to You

    San Diego, CA

    Once arrived in San Diego, the shipment is received at our HQ. The garments are counted, quality checked, and picked by our Warehouse team then sent to YOU.
    All of our orders are packaged in 100% recycled poly mailers with plant based ink. We also offer carbon neutral shipping option via Ecodrive to counter the carbon emissions.


product journey: master healer