Stone Spotlight: JADE

As winter slowly starts to fade into spring, it is easy to feel drained and can be difficult to channel your energy! These lethargic feelings combatted the amazing benefits of wearing Jade lead us to create many bracelet styles using the energetic and healing stone. Little did we know, Jade has many meanings and benefits that can be of use for everyone! A few of our favorite Jade features can be found below.


PHYSICAL HEALING: Wearing or meditating with Jade can begin to heal problems from illness or accidents, and the combination of Jade and infrared heat is scientifically proven to relieve pain! Jade has been used throughout ancient and modern history to support healing of the skeletal system and tissues, promoting growth and renewal. Jade has had notably positive effects on women combatting anorexia, infertility, and new mothers.


SPIRITUAL HEALING: Jade is believed to support happiness and harmony within family and work relationships. This is because Jade promotes positive intentions within the wearer, while protecting them from negativity and deceit.


EMOTIONAL HEALING: The common use or wearing of Jade leads to balance in both the body and the mind! By eliminating negativity, many feel a surge of energy and ambition. Jade often allows people to let go of whatever has been holding them back, and embrace the present and future with confidence and courage.


ZODIAC: Jade is the gemstone of both Libra and Taurus. It is also the birth stone of those born between April 20th and June 20th!

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