Meet our French Intern, Quentin!

For the past 2 months we’ve had the pleasure to work with our amazing French intern Quentin! Quentin was born and raised in Chartres, France and is now pursuing a business education in Cambrai, France. He travelled over 5,500 miles to America specifically to work with Lotus and Luna as our new customer prospecting intern. Each day Quentin rode the company bike 2 miles to and from work. In his time here, he worked on improving his english,  perfecting his sales strategies, and expanding his overall business knowledge. Most importantly, Quentin is leaving us with a new found love for Mexican food and Kombucha (the “gross” drink Janelle introduced to him on his first day)! 
We sat down with Quentin over his favorite meal, a carne asada burrito, to ask him some questions about his experience in America while working with Lotus and Luna. 

What was it like transitioning from life in France to life in San Diego? Any challenges?

 My biggest challenge before coming here is the difference of the language because when I came here I didn’t have good English speaking skills. Yes, I had rusty English before and now with this internship I can talk with other people and have a better comprehension, but I know I need to work more on that.

What is your favorite place to eat in San Diego?

I don't think I have a favorite place to eat because I discovered a lot of different food styles in my time here. For example, I can start the week eating Chinese  and continue to eat burritos from a Mexican restaurant, going to trader joe’s to eat a little food and finish with fast food. It’s interesting here because I can change food styles every day and the portions are very large here. For that reason I changed and tried the restaurants that I don't have in France. And it was good luck to have new co-workers like Christina to give me a lot of good recommendations

Where is your favorite place to go in San Diego?

It might be weird, but my favorite place would be here in the office because I like the atmosphere in here.  When i'm not working, I like visiting all different beaches in each area of San Diego, there are so many good ones! I also like the old town area because it has a lot of history, and feels like visiting another century. 

What are some of the differences you have noticed between San Diego and France?

The biggest difference I have seen here is the type of  people in the street, most people are friendly and happier. For example the people smiling at you for no reason, and it is rare to be judged by strangers for your style or self expression. In France, people like to judge your life choices or how you look.

What is something you will miss most about San Diego?

I have a lot of things I will miss, but mostly I will miss the life I built here in just a short time. Even just going to work, then coming home to prepare my dinner. I know i can make this life in France too, but i have the impression I found my place here. Secondly, the ease of finding a lot of stylish clothes for a good price. Lastly, the relationship I have created with my colleagues within the  company, particularly with Beth because she is very funny and helped me find my place here.

How has this internship better prepared you for the future?

This internship allowed me to improve my english skills and my sales skills. For example, before coming here, just thinking about making a call in english with information about other companies made me very nervous and I didn't have confidence to do it. But now, with more training from all members of the team, I can call any company for information, pitch our brand, and follow up to get the order! My conversations are more fluent and I have lost all my worry about life in other countries.

What was your favorite part about working with Lotus and Luna?

My favorite task here is preparing orders to ship, because I can be up and moving, but I also like to learn new tasks! Some of my favorite tasks were calling other companies, editing the prospect sheet, or visiting stores  in person to promote the brand with Alyssa. It’s been a good internship because I don't stay in front of my computer all day, I can switch my tasks and do different things. Everyday had new challenges and tasks.

In what ways do you feel like your experience in San Diego has changed you?

I think this experience changed the image I have about myself. Now if I want to try something different I try it without fear. I’m not afraid about the judgement of other people. It also permitted me to grow my ambition for my career and I think I found my way. 

Where do you get your style inspiration?

I find inspiration in fashion within myself and my own ideas, I use it as a form of Self- Expression! Before I get dresses, I think about each situation ahead, and it's easy for me to put different styles together to create a new outfit. I have always had an interest in fashion, but I was sometimes afraid to try it out, and experiment with different looks in France.

What has Lotus and Luna introduced to you style wise?

Lotus and Luna is a very good company with good products, and a lot of variety! Before I worked with this company, I had never bought accessories and now I have a lot of bracelets, necklaces, caps and sunglasses that complete my outfit, so yes this internship has improved both my english and my style.

Do you ever see yourself coming back to America after finishing your degree?

Sure, I have a project to have one au pair year again next year, to improve my english and became bilingual. Maybe I will stay here after to continue my  courses. I’ve wanted to build my life in this country since I was 8 or 9 years old so yes, I hope that next time I come it is for good!

What are your aspirations career wise? 

I don’t have a specific job in mind but now I know I want to have a job in an international business, so that I can use each language I speak. I like to have interact with customers in physical store and over the phone, calling retailers to promote the brand, that’s why Lotus and Luna has been a good company to work with.
Written by: Shyanne Stewart 
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