Planet Friendly Halloween Tricks & Treats


Trying to have a super spooky night and can't think of where to get your costume or décor? How about an eco friendly DIY solution? It's me again, Lotus and Luna intern Audra, and I’m here to bring you a couple out of the box Halloween costume and decoration ideas to make your Halloween super spooky and environmentally conscious too!

DIY Costume Ideas

If you have no idea what you want to be for Halloween or are looking to go for a more hands-on approach to a costume, you've come to the right blog. I’ve compiled 3 looks that are all DIY or thrifted Halloween costumes. Cuz who wants to be generic anyway? Save your money and save the planet at the same time. Imagine how many crappy synthetic Halloween costumes are made, sold and thrown away each year! Be different, be DIY.

  • Scarecrow: This one is not only simple, but suuuper cute. What you’ll need to look for is a flannel top, some overalls or baggy jeans, and a straw hat.
    1. All 3 can be super simple to grab for under 10 dollars at your local Goodwill.
    2. Use brown eyeliner to make a triangle nose and stitches on your face, to make you look even more like a scarecrow.
    3. Sucker for the details? Try sewing on some patches of random scrap fabric to the knees and elbows of the costume! If that sounds too cumbersome or permanent for you, you can always safety pin them on instead for easy removal.
    4. If you’re looking to add a touch of humor to the costume, consider making or finding a black bird (resembling a crow) to glue/tie onto your shoulder. And tada! You’re a scarecrow AND you clearly have a brain ;)
    5. Not enough Lotus and Luna in this costume for your tastes? Same! Try browsing the Solstice Collection for your autumn neutrals that are totally Scarecrow-babe-worthy!


  • Bat: Not only is a bat super classic, but it’s sleek and simple as well. What you’ll need for this look is: a black scarf or kimono, a black body-con dress or you can do black pants/top (whichever you prefer) and a black headband. Then make it your own as a cute bat, sexy bat, or good old fashioned vampire bat,   
    1. Use the scarf or kimono as your set of wings. You can keep both ends in your hands or if you want, you can sew a small strip of elastic to the scarf and hook it around your wrists to secure the wings.
    2. Another cute idea is to glue some felt or paper ear shapes onto the black headband to complete the bat costume. Cut triangular shaped ears and either glue or sew them on!
    3. For some added drama, feel free to complete the black laden costume with a smoky eye, a dark lip, or some fake blood at the corners of your mouth for a Vampire bat element. 
    4. Try a Lotus and Luna Choker for a touch of chic. There are a ton of bat-worthy options in black- check out my favorites, Midnight Mischief and Galactic Goddess!

  • Greek Goddess: This is a great one if you’re ballin on a budget, but still want that show stopping glitz factor to your costume. All of these decorations are reusable or can be recycled in a responsible way.
    1. Start with a white dress, skirt or any flowy white outfit. Then, add in all the gold jewelry you already own, or treat yourself to some ethically crafted accessories. Lotus and Luna's triple wrap bracelets are perfect for that Grecian vibe, especially the Aphrodite wrap. For a Greek goddess singles stack, combine these 3 singles together: Walking the AxisHomeroom Homegirl, and Air Dry.
    2. To up the Greek factor even further, you can make a Ceasar-esq headband to put across your hair and forehead!  Take 3 pieces of gold fabric and braid them together, then close them by tying a knot. Drape this across goddess curls and throw on some shimmery bronze eyeshadow!
    3. If you want to add some more glitz, you can add in some flash tattoos or a gold lip! Adding glitter or shimmer to your shoulders and legs can give you that goddess glow that will have people thinking you just flew in from Mount Olympus! 


'Tis the season to deck out your space in skulls, pumpkins, and ghosts! Invite the girls over for some creepy cocktails and crafts, or use this list to prepare for your own Haunted House party. Either way, here are some simple DIY projects to get your space Halloween ready and planet friendly!

  • Dollar store turn around: For this project, you’ll need a paper mache pumpkin (your local dollar store or craft store will have tons for 1 dollar each!), a hot glue gun and some twine.
    1. First, paint your pumpkin a different color to match your décor. I think white pumpkins can be super chic.
    2. Once the paint has dried, heat up your hot glue gun. If you don’t have one, try using super glue instead! Then take your twine and wrap it around the stem of the pumpkin until it is covered, glue into place as you go.
    3. You can also play around with writing words in cursive with the twine onto the pumpkin. You can write things like boo, spooky, or shook. 
    4. And now you have super cute, DIY pumpkins to scatter around your home for the Halloween season!

  • Bat Attack Accent Wall: All you will need for this is a pair of scissors, tape and some black recycled construction paper! How easy.
    1. Start by tracing a bat shape onto the paper and cut it out. Feel free to make one as a template and then you can use it to guide you in doing the rest. Try making them in 3-5 different sizes to create some depth in the final product.
    2. Then once you’ve cut them all, fold them in half slightly to make them look like they’re flying.
    3. Then all that’s left to do is tape them onto your wall however you like! And now you have a super easy Halloween accent wall.

  • Falling Leaf Candle Holders: This one is not only cute to decorate for Halloween but can be used through the holidays! That means fewer decorations you have to buy which means a smaller footprint on the environment. Plus, they look adorable lit up with a tea light.
    1. First, you’ll need to either gather some leaves from outside or if you don’t live in a climate with changing leaves, you can buy a bag of leaves from any craft store, or get advanced and make your own with some paper and watercolor paint.
    2. Then you’ll begin to apply mod-podge or glue the leaves to the inside of a mason jar. You can recycle an old spaghetti sauce jar or check out what your local thrift store has in the Mason Jar category. 
    3. Once you have glued them all to the inside of the jar, set it aside let the glue dry.
    4. You can use some leftover twine from your pumpkins to tie a bow around the rim of the jar!
    5. Then pop a small tea light at the bottom and you now have little votives to place around your space to Fall-ify!

Do you have any Eco-Happy Halloween ideas? Please share them with us in the comments below!!

We hope these tricks and tips were quite a treat, and that we can all agree an eco-friendly Halloween is a Happy Halloween. Stay BOOtiful, Babes!

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