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4 Reasons to Buy Products Handmade in Thailand

15 May 2023
Teal Harem Pants Modeled in Thailand

In a world where mass produced, fast fashion clothing dominates the market, it's essential to think twice about the products we buy and make mindful choices. Luckily, there are many ways to do this! One simple way is by choosing to support handmade products. At Lotus and Luna, all of our clothing and jewelry is handmade in Thailand by local artisans and we take pride in the quality and uniqueness of what we produce. In this blog we'll explore some of the reasons why buying products made in Thailand is not only a responsible choice but also a great way to support local artisans and communities!


Lotus and Luna Pants Being Sewn
Lotus and Luna Sun and Sea Eco Bag

Lotus and Luna oversees its entire production process from designing, to cutting, to sewing, and packaging up each product to be delivered to you! This means that we are able to ensure our production process is ethical and sustainable. Since our Thai artisans are paid fair wages and have the ability to work from home at their own pace, every Lotus and Luna product is fair trade and helps to increase the individual artisan's quality of life. Additionally, Lotus and Luna is constantly working to make our production processes more sustainable. 

One sustainability project we recently took on was decreasing our fabric waste. Our solution was to design and release our new Sun & Sea Eco Bag, which is made from fabric scraps which otherwise would have ended up in the landfill. We also have a number of other sustainability initiatives including our “Ecodrive” option at checkout which allows you to offset the carbon emissions created by your order. As of this month we have planted over 18,000 trees using our Ecodrive funds! You can learn more about our sustainability efforts by watching this video!


Man Cutting Printed Thai Fabric
Woman Sewing Thai Harem Pants

Since our Thai artisans are paid fairly and have the ability to work from home, the pressures of working in a fast paced factory environment are removed, allowing them to put time and effort into making each garment well crafted. In other words, Lotus and Luna is very much a slow fashion brand that strongly emphasizes quality over quantity. In alignment with these values, each garment purchased from Lotus and Luna comes with a photo of the artisan that created the product as well as their name and a short description about them. If you’d like to know more about our artisans, you can read more about them on our “Meet The Artisans” page.


Lotus and Luna Blue Printed Kimono
Woman Wearing Thai Harem Pants Photographed with Elephant

Everything we do at Lotus and Luna is inspired by our heritage in Thailand, especially our unique product designs! Our best-selling Thai-inspired harem pants are super comfy and stylish, embodying the essence of Thai fashion. Additionally, many of their vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns are inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Thailand. For example, our Koh Lipe, Ko Tao, Ko Lanta pants are all named after Thai islands and take inspiration from the stunning scenery there. 


Thai Artisan Smiling
Group of Lotus and Luna Thai Artisans

We’ve already mentioned how Lotus and Luna’s products provide our artisans with fair pay, the ability to work from home, and a better overall quality of life, but purchasing from us also has a direct and personal impact on each artisan’s life. One story we are proud to share is the story of Watini, the head artisan of our apparel village. Since joining Lotus and Luna’s team in Thailand, Watini has been able to buy a house, send her son to a special needs school, and have a fulfilling career managing the 150 artisans that work beneath her. She and all of our other artisans are so glad to have the support of customers like you. In her own words, “I would like to thank the US customers for supporting us. We put our heart into every product.” 

Learn more about Lotus and Luna’s mission by watching the video below:


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