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Q: What is my mask made of?

A: Any solid colored mask you see on the site is made with 100% cotton. The ear loops are made from soft elastic that is upcycled from the production of our pants! The masks featuring colorful Lotus and Luna Prints are made with 100% rayon. This fabric is upcycled from the production of our apparel (just like our hair accessories!) which reduces waste. 


Q: How do I wash/care for my mask?

A: We recommend hand washing and hang drying to prolong the lifespan of your mask. If hand washing, be sure to use hot water and dish or laundry soap. We also suggest the following for a longer lifespan:

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not wring

Q: Are you still doing local pick ups?

A: As of 6/1, we are currently not doing local pick ups at this moment.


Q: Is my mask CDC compliant?

A: Lotus and Luna masks comply with the CDC’s recommendations for “cloth face coverings”. They are not N95’s and have not been proven to prevent illness transmission. Learn more HERE


Q: Do I still have to practice social distancing when wearing my mask?

A: Lotus and Luna masks do not replace or reduce the necessity to practice social distancing in the fight against COVID-19. Continue to follow the guidelines provided by your local and federal governments.


Q: I am a Health care provider or care taker. Can I wear my mask to work?

A: As our masks are not certified to prevent the spread of illness, we recommend that you follow the guidelines and face covering requirements put in place by your employer and place of work. If our masks qualify, yay!


Q: How do the donations work?

A: For every mask sold, Lotus and Luna will donate a second mask to a medical or essential business professional for personal use. The Donation masks are the solid white cotton pleated masks seen on our site. 


Q: How do I recommend an organization or facility in need of donations?

A: Please email with any donation requests. We have a running list and are filling requests as quickly as possible. Thank you for contributing to the cause!


Q: When will my mask ship?

A: Your order will ship within 1-2 business days. You will receive a confirmation email and tracking number once your order has been shipped. 

Q: Do you offer Children’s Sizes?

A: Children’s sizes are now available for children ages 2-6. Click HERE to view


Q: Does my mask come with a filter?

A: Our solid colored Wide Cotton masks come with a pocket for a filter, however filters are not included at this time. Pleated Cotton w/Nose Wire does not have a filter pocket


Q: Will the masks fit Men (are all styles unisex)?

A: All our masks are unisex and will fit men! 


Q: How thick is the elastic around the ears? 

A: The soft elastic is 4mm thick.


Q: Which is the smallest or largest size available for adults?

A: Adult masks are one size fits all. The pleated styles are adjustable as to how much face area is covered. This optional wearability makes them a better choice for all face sizes, from small-XL.


Q: Am I able to choose the colors in my order if I purchased a mystery pack?

A: You cannot choose specific colors in our Mystery packs of masks. If you would like specific colors, you will have to purchase them individually. 


We appreciate your patience and understanding during this health crisis.

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