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Harem pants are called so due to their historical origins. They draw inspiration from Middle Eastern and Asian styles, particularly the clothing worn by individuals in harems, which were private quarters for women in many cultures. These pants are characterized by their roomy, comfortable fit and were originally designed for ease of movement and comfort.

MACHINE WASH, HANG DRY: To maintain your apparel's vibrant color we recommend machine washing on cold and hanging to dry. Use a low iron or steamer to restore that perfect flowy look.

Note: If you machine dry, some shrinkage may occur.

All Lotus and Luna clothing is handcrafted by artisans in Thailand. Our unique, handcrafted products promote growth among our villages in Thailand, helping them achieve a better quality of life. We are proud to spread the importance of ethical consumption by sharing their talents with the world.

Your support enables us to make the world a better place, one village at a time!

Absolutely! Many people choose harem pants for yoga, dance, or other forms of exercise due to their comfort and flexibility. Our designs offer elastic cuffs on the ankles for added convenience during workouts.

So many tops can look great with some harem pants! We recommend a basic tee or tank, a bodysuit, cropped long sleeve tops, a kimono cover up, and more. Check out the rest of our styling guide for harem pants here.