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Women Owned, Women Run

women owned, women run
janelle clasby
Janelle Clasby is Lotus and Luna's founder and fearless leader. What started as a dream to make the world a better place, and always be her own boss, has grown into the successful, feel-good brand that we all know and love! Like any business owner, Janelle faces new challenges and tough decisions every day, but approaches each one with the company's mission and our artisans' wellbeing as her top priority. Currently, Lotus and Luna supports over 300 artisans in Thailand, and continues to grow! Each of these artisans, along with our San Diego family, look to Janelle as a guiding light of leadership, bravery, and strength!
As the Wholesale Director of Lotus and Luna, this boss babe works tirelessly to spread awareness of our mission across the country, building our retail partnerships, and creating opportunities for you to shop with us in your hometown. Christina and her team have been pitching our brand to top retailers since the beginning and have successfully partnered with big name retailers such as The Paper Store, O'Neill Surf Shops, Palmetto Moon, and many more. Whether you're shopping Lotus and Luna at a small coastal gift shop, or big box department store, your impact can be felt all the way in Thailand, in the homes of our artisans and their families.
Ashley is a boss babe and mama bear you do not want to mess with! She has a heart of gold, but packs a punch as a Muy Thai Fighter! Since the early days of Lotus and Luna, Ashley has led the creative force behind our products, packaging, branding, and so much more. Ashley also carries Thailand and our mission close to her heart, considering Chiang Mai as her second home; soaking up the beautiful culture and putting it back into our products and branding, to share with all of you. In 2021, she added 'Motherhood' to her list of badass accomplishments, with the birth of her daughter, Leonie.
Starting her career as a young taxi driver, and evolving to operations manager of our apparel Village, Wilawan (AKA Debbie) is a prime example of professional growth through empowerment and opportunity! She works directly with Janelle to delegate production needs among the Clothing village, and facilitate a smooth flow between Thailand and the USA. Debbie is the very first artisan that Janelle hired in the early days of Lotus and Luna. Today, she plays an integral role in our operations on the Thailand side. We have seen her grow tremendously over the years, and are so proud to have her on our team.
You can thank Watini for making your Harem Pants! She is the Head Artisan of our Apparel Village and runs the entire apparel production. She has about 150 artisans working under her and she is one badass boss lady! We have not only seen her grow professionally over the last 7 years, but also financially. Watini's hard work has allowed her to upgrade her home and send her son to a special needs school where he too can optimize his greatest potential and find joy in his education. We are so proud of her and how far she has come!
Rung's name means "Rainbow" in Thai and it is so fitting to her spirit and energy! She adds so much light and color to this world with her positivity, laughter, and generosity! She is our Head Artisan of our Jewelry Village and leads about 200 artisans to make hundreds and hundreds of pieces a day! She assigns out jobs to her staff, teaches them new designs, and manages a ton of operations. Her home is the HQ for operations in our Jewelry village, and is full of hope and opportunity. Rung has always said that no matter how financially wealthy she can become, it would mean nothing to her if her neighbors were in need. So, Rung takes any opportunity she can to expand Lotus and Luna's mission to as many people as she can. No matter what their challenges are, she will find them an opportunity to work and earn an income.