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Discover the colors of Thailand, featuring this season’s favorite shade of purple, UBE!
Colors play a historical role in Thailand’s culture. The land is filled with vibrant colors that are eye-catching. Thai tradition assigns a color to each day of the week, Saturday is Purple!
Express your Saturday love with more purple styles from Lotus and Luna.

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The origins of the day’s color is derived from ancient Hindu astrological influences. Similar to the English names for days of the week that were named after planets and ancient gods, in Thai culture each planet has a deity that protects that day. Those deities have specific colors.

thailand's colors of the week: sunday is red

thailands colors of the week: Monday is Yellowthailands colors of the week: Tuesday is Pinkthailands colors of the week: Wednesday is Greenthailands colors of the week: Thursday is Orangethailands colors of the week: Friday is Light Bluethailands colors of the week: Saturday is Purple

Knowing what day of the week you were born on is important, as the assigned color is said to be your LUCKY ONE!


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