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take me to the elephant cafe
feeding the elephant

Our team had the opportunity to visit Elely Cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand! This ethical elephant sanctuary is family owned and operated and houses two elephants. At their cafe on the hillside, you can order food for yourself and the elephants! We fed them bananas by hand and they were not shy to grab them!

artisan with the elephant

Our artisans, Watini and Debbie, also joined us for the afternoon. Watini had never fed an elephant before, but she was totally in her element, shooing their trunks away when they got greedy for bananas!

elephant temple image

Fun facts: These beautiful creatures are the national animal of Thailand. They represent strength, loyalty, and longevity. You see elephant symbols all over Thailand, from temple carvings to beer labels! Many Thai people believe that walking under one will bring good luck!