Shipwrecked Maxi Skirt

Behind The Scenes Of Our Shipwrecked Maxi Skirt 

Summer is in full swing and we are beyond excited to announce the release of our newest product, the Shipwrecked Maxi Skirt. The skirt embodies the entire line of “On Island Time.” Wear this piece to the beach, the farmer’s market, out to dinner and so much more. A timeless summer staple this will find a place in your wardrobe for years to come.

New Style Alert: Shipwrecked Maxi Skirt  Model on Beach

Ideation + Sampling

We had to find the perfect balance between functional and ethereal. We used sketches and various different inspiration pictures until we could curate a maxi skirt that embodied Lotus & Luna as a brand. The ideation process was both challenging and rewarding-we experimented with different fabrics, lengths, and details to achieve the ideal look and feel. Sampling was an integral part of our journey, allowing us to refine the design with each iteration, ensuring that the final product not only looked stunning but also offered comfort and versatility while featuring the details we found necessary. 

Ideation + Sampling Graphic of Shipwrecked Maxi Skirt

Product Finalization

This product has been in the works for over a year now. Countless sketches, samples and critiques went back and forth between our production team and our talented artisans in Thailand. Once we got to the perfect Shipwreck Maxi Skirt, the production team briefed marketing and the rest of the company about the new product.

Product Finalization + Production of Shipwrecked Maxi Skirt

Key Notes


  • Drawstring waistband: The drawstring waistband makes the skirt adjustable to your body type. Tie in a bow or a knot to add your own final touch! 

  • Flattering Mid-Rise: The mid-rise fit accentuates your waistline while staying comfortable and secure.

  • Interior Pockets: The interior pockets add a functional element to the skirt, allowing for convenient storage while maintaining a sleek and streamlined appearance.

  • 100% lightweight cotton: The skirt is made up of 1-ply 100% cotton. Feel easy, breezy and beautiful in this product!

Design Process of Shipwrecked Maxi Skirt  with a picture of Model on Beach

Style Inspiration

The options are limitless with this maxi skirt. Pair it with a bikini top for a quick cover-up. Wear it with our surfside tube top for a simple go-to. Buy it with our salt water shrug for a unique set look. This is just the beginning of possibilities, buy the skirt and let us know how you choose to style it! If you tag our Instagram @shoplotusandluna in your pictures you will be submitted in the drawing to be featured in our Instagram and/or receive a gift card!

Model in white flowy maxi skirt and matching top