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How to Style your Wire Headband

Come take a look at Lotus and Luna’s new wire headband! We love this product because it is totally customizable and fits perfectly to your head, so it won’t move around or need frequent adjustments. There are tons of ways to wear this headband, but here are a few of our favorites!

Start by centering the headband behind the back of your head, at the top of your neck. Pull the ends up over your head and cross them over each other in a simple knot, finding a comfortable tightness for your head. Do the same knot again, but this one can be looser. Adjust your bunny ears, and you’re done!

For this style, start by crossing the wire ends once, finding your ideal tightness. Continue twisting them around each other into a spiral shape, resembling a little rose. When the spiral is complete, tuck in the ends.

Classic Headband

This time, you’re going to center the headband on the top of your head, just past your hairline, or where you want the headband to sit. Pull the ends down towards the back of your neck, and cross them over each other once or twice until secure. You have the option to keep the ends hidden, or let them peek out the side of your neck.

This style is super easy to do, but an effortless way to spice up any outfit. Center the headband at the back of your neck and pull the ends forward. Cross and twist the ends once, then pull one end through the loop and adjust.

Ponytail Scarf

Using an elastic hair tie, start by styling your pony to your liking. Then, wrap the wire headband around the elastic and tie a simple knot at the top or bottom. Adjust the ends and voila!

You can shop these cute and comfy wire headbands right here on our website. We want to see how you style your wire headband, so tag us on social media, and tell us what you think!


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