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Giving Back To Communities in Thailand: Northern Relief Center

One of the best parts about working at Lotus and Luna is our culture of giving back.
This culture of philanthropy is alive each day in our office, and also spreads overseas to our artisan’s villages in Thailand! 
Lotus and Luna artisans are provided with consistent employment and fair-trade wages for the amazing work they do for us. One of our favorite things about the Thai culture is that once they have enough to sustain themselves, they are inspired to pay it forward. They began to notice that much of their community was not as fortunate. When our artisans approached us about helping the Northern Relief Center, a school for blind and disabled children, it wasn’t even a question of if we would help, it was how.
Our head clothing artisan, Watini, our operations manager, Debbie, and their husbands were on site at the lunch, serving food to the children and staff. Their dedication to their community is one of the most inspiring parts of working with our artisans. They’ve inspired us to want to give back to our community on a more personal level as well!
If you know of any organizations in the San Diego area looking for volunteers to give their time, please let us know at!
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