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A Quick Yoga Guide!

Your new go-to Yoga pants!

Flow and stretch with us in our yoga guide!

With your back leg straightened and toes facing the side of the mat, bend your front knee and face your toes towards the top of the mat. Bring your back hand to rest on your back leg, and inhale to reach your front hand to the sky--exhale.
Standing straight up and gazing outwards, lift and bend your left knee behind you and hold the outside of your left foot with your left hand.
In a kneeling position with fingertips pressed on the floor, bring your right leg straight out in front of you with your heel on the floor. Begin to extend the left leg as straight as possible behind you.
Begin in downward facing dog and lower your left knee forward and crossed, while your right spread backward. Bring up your right foot to your hand. Bring both arms overhead and stretch.
Interlace your fingers and place your hands on the ground with your head pressed against them on the floor. With your legs extended straight and hips in the air, lift one foot up into the air and then the other to meet it.
Starting in a standing position, bend your right knee, move your right arm and left leg to shift your weight forward. Open your hips, stacking the left hip point on top of the right hip point. When you feel balanced on the right leg, reach the left arm up toward the sky.
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