Pastel Pleated Face Mask- 4 Pack
Pastel Pleated Face Mask- 4 Pack
Pastel Pleated Face Mask- 4 Pack
Pastel Pleated Face Mask- 4 Pack
Pastel Pleated Face Mask- 4 Pack

Pastel Pleated Face Mask- 4 Pack

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200,000 masks donated in the USA!

Supporting talented artisans in Thailand, each mask is hand sewn from hand-dyed fabric. This may result in a slightly different pattern orientation from the photo.
Set Includes 1 of Each: Seafoam Green, Taupe, Mauve, and Ice Blue
One Size Fits All:

Length Across Length Up & Down Ear Loops
Wide 9’’ 6’’ 4.5’’
Pleated 8.5’’  6.5’’ 4.5’’

100% Rayon and Elastic
Recommended Care: Hand Wash and Hang Dry

Lotus and Luna accessories, apparel, and face masks are made with the highest quality of locally sourced materials from Thailand!

Here are a few tips on caring for your jewelry, clothing, and face masks!


SNIP THE CORD: Try on your jewelry and decide which size works best for you. Create a cleaner look by using scissors to snip off any remaining loops or lengthy cord.

KEEP DRY: Lotus and Luna jewelry can be worn in the water, but keeping your jewelry dry is the best way to protect from wear and tear. Our 100% cotton cords last longest when taken off before swimming and showering.

RECHARGE: If your jewelry contains a real healing gemstone, you can cleanse its energy! Use a few drops of water and your fingers to gently cleanse the beads, and leave out in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.

SHINE: Our brass beads will tarnish naturally when exposed to salty air, skin cream, sweat, or perfume. Use a cloth to polish, or try shining your brass beads with soapy water or lemon juice and a light brush. 


HAND WASH, HANG DRY: To keep the vibrancy of colors in your apparel and masks, we recommend hand washing and hanging to dry. Use a low iron or steamer to get that perfect flowy look.

PACKING: If you're packing your kimono for an adventure, try rolling it up burrito style instead of folding to avoid wrinkles.