$ 55.00

Mala Beads have been used for thousands of years in the art of mediation. Made with 108 beads of different shapes, textures, and energies, they act as a guide through your practice, and can also be worn as a necklace or wrap bracelet when not in use. Choose a mala made with healing stones that meet your energetic needs.

A once rare gemstone, Amethyst has been highly esteemed for its ability to both soothe and stimulate the mind and emotions. Amethyst allows for a boost of vitality and aleviates homesickness and nightmares.

Good fortune and happiness come to those who wear Moonstone. The stone enhances feminine intuition and decreases stress. 

Lotus and Luna Malas are handcrafted in Thailand by talented female artisans, and are made with semi-precious stones and lots of positive karma! 

Materials: Amethyst, Moonstone, Black Tassel

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