Balance + Growth Stack
Balance + Growth Stack

Balance + Growth Stack

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Stack and save! Our Lotus and Luna bracelet stacks are inspired by our travels through Thailand, where all of our bracelets are handcrafted by female artisans. Wear them together, separate, or pass on the love and give one to a friend!

Balance (Chakra: Crown)
A calming stone, Howlite balances emotions, opens communication, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Growth (Chakra: Heart)
Promotes growth in life, finances and personal relationships. Agate brings about new friendships, lovers, and the revival of old connections.  

Colors: Blue, Orange, White, Mint, Light Blue

Materials:  Howlite, Agate, Amazonite and Adjustable 100% Cotton Cord

Bracelets: Balance + Growth 4mm, Amazonite Braided Stone, The Spirit Shell

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