Moonlit Swim

$ 18.00

Lapis Lazuli
Wisdom, Truth
Lapis Lazuli stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, while aiding the process of learning and enhancing memory.
Intuition, Inspiration, Good Fortune
Moonstone is known to stabilize emotions, decrease stress, and enhance intuition.

Lotus and Luna bracelets are handcrafted in Thailand by talented female artisans. Our bracelets are made with cotton cords, coconut shell clasps, semi-precious stones, and lots of positive vibes. Each bracelet has three different size options, so adjust to your perfect fit and snip off any excess cord.

Colors: Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Silver.

Materials: Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Silver Beads, Coconut Shell Button, and Adjustable 100% Cotton Cord.

Collection: Ocean Breeze

SKU: 10019