Peace + Happiness 4mm Necklace
Peace + Happiness 4mm Necklace
Peace + Happiness 4mm Necklace
Peace + Happiness 4mm Necklace
Peace + Happiness 4mm Necklace
Peace + Happiness 4mm Necklace

Peace + Happiness 4mm Necklace

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Jasper Peace (Chakra: Root)

Jasper is a stone of peace and connection, bringing stability and open communication.

Tourmaline Happiness (Root: Chakra)
Tourmaline promotes inspiration and happiness, reduces fear, and builds self-confidence.

ColorsPurple, Tan, Blue, Pink

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Lotus and Luna necklaces are handcrafted in Thailand by talented female artisans. Our necklaces are made with cotton cords, coconut shell clasps and lots of positive vibes. Each necklace has 4 different size options, so adjust to your perfect fit and snip off any excess cord. This necklace can also be worn as a double wrap bracelet! 

Materials: Coconut Shell Button, and 100% Adjustable Cotton Cord

Length: 13.25” (first closure) - 16" (last closure) 

Lotus and Luna accessories are made with the highest quality of locally sourced materials from Thailand! Here are a few tips on caring for your jewelry:

SNIP THE CORD: Try on your jewelry and decide which size works best for you. Create a cleaner look by using scissors to snip off any remaining loops or lengthy cord.

KEEP DRY: Lotus and Luna jewelry can be worn in the water, but keeping your jewelry dry is the best way to protect from wear and tear. Our 100% cotton cords last longest when taken off before swimming and showering.

RECHARGE: If your jewelry contains a real healing gemstone, you can cleanse its energy! Use a few drops of water and your fingers to gently cleanse the beads, and leave out in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.

SHINE: Our brass beads will tarnish naturally when exposed to salty air, skin cream, sweat, or perfume. Use a cloth to polish, or try shining your brass beads with soapy water or lemon juice and a light brush. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Well made, absolutely beautiful, sturdy. I wear all my jewelry about every day. Love the cause they represent, the stones on all the items are made to me to have healing properties about them, definitely helpful for deflecting outside negative energies and for helping to keep your own in check. Notice a big difference from wearing them to when I'm not.

Leigh A Zurawski
Love it!

Love the colors and am hoping I get one for Mother's day ;-)

Jennifer Hofman
Beautiful colors, nice message, great cause.

Gave as a gift. Receiver said she loved it. Said it cured her depression.

Kayla Kyle
Beautiful necklace

Love my new necklace! Very comfortable. Love the adjustability of it. And have gotten so many good comments! Will definitely bring ordering more in the future!

Nicole Arntz

Peace + Happiness 4mm Necklace