World Kindness Day

8 Little Gestures to Make Someone’s Day

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, we celebrated World Kindness Day here at Lotus and Luna. It is essential for all of us to be kind to each other, especially during a time when it feels like everyone is more divisive than ever. There are little things we can do as people, little acts of kindness, that can make someone’s day. Being kind also makes us feel better about ourselves too. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or someone in line behind you at Starbucks, here are 8 little gestures of kindness to make someone’s day.
1. Pay It Forward
If you find yourself in line at your local coffee shop or in the drive-thru at IN-N-OUT, a simple gesture you can do to express kindness and generosity is to pay it forward. Simply cover the cost of the coffee behind you. It is only a few dollars to do and will really brighten someone’s mood. Who knows, they might start a chain and cover the person behind them too!
2. Compliments
I don’t know about you but who doesn’t feel good when somebody out of the blue goes ahead and compliments your hair, your clothes, or something you did. Go ahead and compliment somebody, make them feel good about themselves.
3. Talk to a Friend You Haven’t Heard from in a Long Time
Doesn’t it feel good when an old friend hits you up just to see how you are doing? Extend the gesture and find a friend or two that you have lost touch with and let them know you were thinking about them. It’s a nice way to reconnect and show someone what they mean to you.
4. Bring Sweets to Someone
Surprise your coworkers with a sweet snack! Who doesn’t appreciate a cookie or a brownie to brighten their day? Stop by the grocery store a spend a few bucks getting your significant other, your parents, your friend, or your boss a little sweet treat!
5. Tip the Bill
One nice thing to do for someone is to show a little appreciation for the man or woman that is waiting your table. Simply tip the price of the bill. If you find yourself eating a cheap lunch with a friend for $15, just match the bill by tipping $15. If you have the means to do so, give it a try, it won’t hurt. 
6. Hold the Door
We have all been there, awkwardly walking faster to catch the door that someone didn’t hold open. Wouldn’t it have been nice if someone was holding that door for you? If you see somebody behind you, hold open the door! It's easy and very sweet to do.
7. Send Flowers
You don’t have to be a guy for this one. Does your mom appreciate flowers? Send her some! Or send some to a friend or coworker who would gladly accept. 
8. Show Yourself Some Kindness
We can’t forget about ourselves! Feeling overworked lately? Take a day off or find an hour to do something you appreciate. Find a friend or family member and plan something special with them. You could even make yourself something yummy that you don’t normally have.


by Cameron Godbehere

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