Its Sprang Braaake Babes!! Everyone deserves a little break to close the books, hit the reset button, and have a little fun! But crowded spring breaker trips to Daytona etc can seldom be relaxing, and may have you coming back to school even more exhausted than when you left. How about a Spring break trip that's good for your mind, body and soul? Here is a list of unique and adventurous ideas for your Spring Break this year.

1) Yellowstone National Park, WY

With this destination being towards the middle of the country, it should be pretty accessible to anyone. This is a bucket list destination that will feed your desire for the great outdoors! Take a hike and do some sightseeing in the silent beauty of nature rather than the overstimulation of a party destination. Places to visit within the park are Old Faithful (you came all this way, you HAVE to check it out!), the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Noris Geyser basin, and Mammoth Hot Springs. Take a camping trip with your besties, other half, or your pup and prepare to be amazed. 

2) A Road Trip


Just pick a spot on the map and GO! In today's world of jet setting on a whim and studies abroad, we often forget how beautiful and exciting our own back yard can be, and how satisfying the open road is. A road trip can be just what you need to decompress after a long cold semester, and save a few bucks too! We suggest choosing a destination that's 800 miles (2 days of leisurely driving) or less from campus so you have the time to stop along the way, and enjoy your destination when you arrive. 

3) Sedona, AZ

Long considered a sacred and and powerful place rich in cosmic energy, Sedona is the perfect destination for cleansing and meditating the stress, setbacks, and puzzles of college away! Although the entire region of Sedona is considered a vortex, there are four well known spots in particular that each offer their own unique energy: Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon. These are great spots for reflection, transformation, meditation, and yoga flow in the presence of metaphysical power. Don't forget to bring your Lotus and Luna energy stones with you to optimize energetic healing!

4) A Yoga Retreat
With infinite geographical destinations for this suggestion, the true destination is one of mind and body! A Yoga retreat is a perfect environment to replace the stress of campus life with transforming challenge, and empowering peace of mind. Think of a place you've always wanted to go, from Asheville to Bali, and chances are there is a yoga retreat that goes there! Or ask your favorite yoga instructor if they have any retreats scheduled.
5) Big Sur, CA
Despite this seeming like a tourist destination, the hidden beaches and hiking trails of Big Sur, CA will make you feel as isolated as can be. This relaxing beach location will do some healing for your soul. You can book a yurt, pitch a tent, or find the perfect BnB! If you're looking for an escape that will feel like a total getaway, this naturally decompressing spring break spot is the one for you. While you are there, think about stopping by the lighthouse at Point Sur. 
These are places to help you feel rejuvenated and inspired. You'll return home with a new appreciation for where you are and you'll be able to spring into the new season. 
However you intend to spend your Spring Break, do it with intention that services you! You've worked so hard and deserve this time to replenish and prepare for another semester of conquering those goals, grades, and lifetime memories! 
Have another "Out of the Box Spring Break Destination"? Tell us about it in the comments below!
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March 09, 2018 by Audra Gormley

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