Our energy stone for the month of September is Chrysocolla! The energetic properties of Chrysocolla are known to enhance and balance the feminine energy within, and bring harmony to the chakras of those who wear it. Who doesn't need more harmony in their lives, am I right?

As you probably know by now, Lotus and Luna is a brand powered by women, both domestically and abroad. With an all female office team and a squad of female Thai artisans who hand make our products, the reasons for wearing and meditating with Chrysocolla, or the Stone of the Goddess, are endless! It’s no wonder we use Chrysocolla more often than any other stone in our jewelry designs. Try this preliminary quiz to see if Chrysocolla may be beneficial to you! 


Do you suffer from “creativity-block” often? 

Do you hold onto feelings of anger?

Do you feel held back by irrational fears?

Do you have difficulty keeping your cool in turbulent situations?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, keep reading to find out how wearing our Energy Stone of the Month, Chrysocolla, can positively influence your life!

Sunset Cliffs 5 Roll Cuff

Chrysocolla is a stone of clarity, revitalization, and creativity. It is often referred to as the “women’s stone”, because Chrysocolla illuminates feminine creative energy in those who wear it and aids with many female specific ailments. The stone can also be very beneficial throughout womanhood, both physically and emotionally! Wearing Chrysocolla can alleviate cramps, lower blood pressure, assist with throat infections and speed up recovery from burns. It also helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind, and build up inner strength.


 Chrysocolla is a powerful guide for distinguishing between the necessary and unnecessary- and trust us- Chrysocolla is definitely a necessity. Although it is an all-chakra gemstone, it has been said that keeping Chrysocolla near the Heart Chakra helps to heal emotional heartache and increase your capacity to love. Chrysocolla is also extra beneficial to your communication skills and judgment when worn close to the Throat Chakra. Our Bonfire Babe Choker is adorable and rests perfectly on your neck, right between the Throat and Heart Chakras… just saying ;).


Bonfire Babe Choker/Double Wrap Bracelet

Chrysocolla diminishes negativity and releases old resentments, allowing for its serene and calming energy to heal any emotional wounds. Then, as if this gem could get any better, it begins to initiate feelings of forgiveness and forward-moving action. This stone is extremely helpful for moving past emotional hardships and traumatizing life events- especially those in relation to abuse. The stone’s calming energy can also be very beneficial to those who live with anxiety or irrational fears. Chrysocolla has a unique way of clearing the mind of distraction and doubt, while simultaneously charging your creative energy and drive- who doesn’t need that?! Embrace your inner Goddess and see what Chrysocolla can do for you!


If you, or someone you love, would benefit from wearing Chrysocolla, check out our Shop By Stone-Chrysocolla section by clicking here. All Chrysocolla products are 15% off during the month of September! Just enter code GODDESS at checkout.

Remember to come back to the Lotus and Luna blog at the beginning of next month to discover the healing properties and benefits of our next Stone of the Month!

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