Lava Stone


Symbols of Lava Stone
Strength, Clarity, Cleansing, Calming, Stability, Protection, and Guidance 
We love Lava Stone here at Lotus and Luna! Not only is it a gorgeous gift from Mother Earth, but it's also a powerful healing tool and can even be a portable essential oil diffuser everywhere you go! Its healing properties have a deep-rooted history, just like the stone itself, coming from the depths of the Earth.
Lava Stone is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, forming when the gasses in magma start to solidify and harden into rock under intense heat and pressure. And because it comes from raw energy, it’s considered to be the stone of rebirth and renewal helping those who wear it shed unnecessary emotions and unhealthy attachments. It is most famous for the powerful grounding and calming properties that can guide us through change with strength and clarity. Lava Stone has your back through it all! 
Due to its powerful connection to Earth, Lava Stone is believed to be a symbol of fertility, endurance and strength. Wearing this powerful little stone is also believed to allow the wearer to access energy without resistance, paving the way to a clear flow of energy from Earth which heals the wearer both physically and spiritually.
Many believe that Lava Stone is best for stabilizing the Base Chakra because of its strong connection to the raw inner Earth. When your Base Chakra is stabilized you feel more safe, anchored and therefore able to emulate more positivity! If you’re going through a harder time or need some guidance, try wearing a Lava Stone anklet or bracelet to help you along the way! 
Lava Stone is an amazing aromatherapy essential oil diffuser as well! Simply add a few drops of any essential oil to your Lava Stone and enjoy the combined therapeutic benefits of both! Try Lavender essential oils to help reduce anxiety and relieve stress or use Lemon essential oils to help give you more positive and healthy energy throughout the day!
Even though the precious Lava Stone isn’t a traditional birthstone, if you’re a Taurus or Cancer you can claim this as your Zodiac Stone!
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Our staff at Lotus and Luna love using essential oils in our Lava Stone jewelry and highly recommend you try it out! We can't give enough love to Lava!
Written by Kaylee Bustamante
Fun Fact: Native Americans would wear a piece of Lava Stone before going into battle, as it was believed the stone’s energy would bring them courage and strength. Which is why the stone is more common amongst men’s jewelry. Next time a man or woman in your life needs an extra boost, give them a powerful Lava Stone bracelet!

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