How Going Plant Based Changed My Life

By: Stella the Light

I am a thriving young woman who loves hiking, camping and anything to do with nature. My family is my everything and their support and happiness breathes life into me. I am in the best shape, mentally and physically, of my entire life. I am lean, strong and brimming over with self love.. All thanks to the discovery of a plant based, high carb lifestyle.

It all began roughly 6 years ago …

I hit my rock bottom at the age of 18. I had been diagnosed with high anxiety and OCD and had no idea how to deal. Going through a strung out addiction, two stays in rehab, almost 6 months away from my family and finally the long road to recovery. After rising above addiction I headed down the "fitness industry" path - restriction, gimmick diets, over exercising, distorted body image, severe low self esteem, orthorexia, bulimia and other eating disorder patterns. It seemed I was never mentally healing - just carrying my heavy mental issues through each stage of my life... going straight from drug abuse to an eating disorder - never catching a break! I needed change... and soon.

Finally taking the leap to a plant based diet has brought me the pure joy and abundance I have been craving all of these years. My entire mental state has flipped - I am now in complete control of my emotions. I am eating more nutritious, gorgeous food than I ever have before with zero restriction. My digestive issues have vanished - no more bloating, gas, indigestion or heartburn.

 The shape my body has taken on through eating plant based is astonishing. I am lean & toned & my stomach is flat. I am at my optimal body weight and shape. My skin is so clear and beautiful and my mind is just as clear & beautiful! Every aspect of my life has sky rocketed.

I want to give this feeling to anyone who wants to take this step and gain control. No matter what walk of life you have been on - this lifestyle WILL amplify your happiness and health! So, let's get your mind AND body right through a plant based diet!

I mean, how good do these look?

Eating a whole foods, plant based diet goes so much deeper than being the most sustainable way to keep a fit, healthy body. There are so many more beneficial factors that come along with this lifestyle - amazing digestion, abundant energy, no counting calories, mental clarity, amazing skin/hair/nails and of course, it is the easiest and biggest impact you can have on the environment. You’ll find a new sense of calm, a connection to mind and body and a new respect for all living beings. There truly is no reason NOT to go plant based!

 I have had an incredible time coming up with recipes and exploring brand new and interesting ways to create plant based meals. I start most of my mornings with the most nutrient dense foods this planet has to offer - whole plant foods! I like to start first with 16-32oz of water, adding lemon, ginger or cucumber for a little flavor. This aids in jump starting digestion for the day and hydrates you (remember you haven’t drank anything for around 8+ hours!

 For breakfast I usually go for a sweet, delicious home made smoothie or smoothie bowl! Hydrating, nutrient dense, energizing, easy to digest and quick to make! I always add in fruit for all of my micro and macro nutrients + some seeds for my whole plant fats and protein. This combo keeps me fired up & fueled for my busy days!

 My all time favorite combination for hot summer days has always been coconut + pineapple - so of course my go-to smoothie has been a creamy, sweet Pina Colada smoothie! (pictured above) Check out the recipe HERE and a Delicious Holiday Dessert recipe HERE!

A little about Me...

I am a 23 year old Plant Based Health Coach. I run two transition programs (for those wanting to live this amazing lifestyle!) and also have two information packed E-books all about how I live, what I eat and what this lifestyle is all about!


Visit: and contact me today, tell me YOUR story. Why do you wanna go plant based?

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