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Where the line up includes yoga sessions, classes in village life, and dance parties there’s plenty of adventure to be had at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle. Kicking off summer over Memorial Day weekend will be a unique festival experience in Bradley, California. Situated halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco this event combines a celebration of art, music, performance, and sustainability.

As the only US festival to receive the Outstanding Greener Festival Award 4 years in a row for their green initiatives, LIB’s goal is to “Leave It Better, Leave It Beautiful”. Leave this event feeling positively impacted, empowered, and connected to your community; leave the land behind better and more beautiful than you found it.
With so many activities to explore, we’ve created a guide to give you the best experience over these 5 days.


Enjoy treats and gain sustenance from these hand selected food and beverage vendors. The aim is to provide healthy vegetarian alternatives to the typical ‘fair finds’, while encouraging the use of organic and locally grown foods. 


Daily yoga offers you a wellness ritual to include in your festival schedule. Classes include “Get Your Mmm On!”,  “Becoming Your Highest Self”, and "Yoga of Bass" Subpac sound healing which brings together  modalities of sound and vibrational healing from around the world into a seamless, meditative journey.


A live-painting exhibition hosted by the DoArt Foundation; intended to spread live art throughout the festival and auction it off at the end with all proceeds going to charity. You’ll feel the magic present as you lose yourself in a wonderland of large art installations throughout the event grounds.



Interact and participate as opposed to just being a spectator. Be creative, educated, active and open to new possibilities through variety of subjects to choose from. Mikey Siegel will lead “Consciousness Hacking” or dive into “Climax: A Journey to Orgasm & Ecstasy” by Lara Catone.


World-renowned inspirational speakers that align with the LIB values and commitments to healthy lifestyles and preserving our environment will host seminars daily. Topics include “Dear Future Generations” by Prince EA and “Dreaming A New World” by John Perkins.


3 main stages offer a plethora of eclectic musical performances in a variety of genres. Other areas of the grounds will host aerial artists, fire spinners, a vaudeville circus, full marching bands, and a wide range of movement & dance shows including exotic belly dance. 


Come prepared with your canteen because LIB provides filtered water on-site. You’re encouraged to refill as often as possible to help to eliminate the massive waste created by single-use water bottles. 
The emphasis of “Culture As A Verb” lends many other offerings like a brand new farm-to-festival theatrical dining experience. Spend late nights with ‘Sound is Medicine Collective’, learn to brew your own kombucha, and more.  To explore all activities and stay up to date on all the happenings go to:

“5 Essentials to Bring to LIB”

1. Reusable Water Bottle: Swell Water Bottles: Since LIB provides filtered water on-site, bring a swell bottle and stay hydrated with cold water all day long for free! Swell water bottles keep your water cold for 24 hours, or hot for an entire 12 hours. They come in different sizes that suits your canteen needs, and a variety of awesome designs that suit your fashion needs as well! 
2. Sunscreen: Sun Bum: Trust the Bum! Don't forget your us, you WILL need it! Sun Bum has the perfect "Day Tripper" package to bring to LIB. It includes SPF 30 sun screen, SPF 30 lip balm, and cool down aloe, which feels amazing! You can order it online here:
3. Yoga Mat-Affirm Mats - Yoga mats are a must at LIB. We are obsessed with these biodegradable yoga mats from Affirm Mats. They even have positive quotes on them to keep you inspired!
4. Showerless Shower - Yuni- If you're camping, showers at LIB will cost $7 each and will inevitably have a huge line! If you can get away without one for a day, why not! Yuni Waterless shower products are non-toxic, plant based, biodegradable and compostable! 

5. Open Mind: Be ready for whatever comes your way. Festivals can be a life changing experience- don’t plan too much, say yes to new opportunities, and live in the moment.

“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

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