The 3 Best Yoga Poses to Celebrate Motherhood

By Guest Blogger, Kristin Niemi of STUDIO art+yoga (find her on Instagram at @studioartyoga and on her blog at

 As a mama and a yogi, it’s hard to find time to practice yoga amidst the duties of motherhood. But it is so important to find something that celebrates all you do! Whether you are a yogi or not, or a mother or not, these poses are the best to celebrate motherhood, womanhood, and the everyday heroism of the strong women in your life.


 Warrior 2 Pose

The warrior poses in yoga are a symbol of power. Warrior 2, or Virabhadrasana 2, grounds you, releases tension through your hips, and opens your chest. This pose is not only a beautiful one, but allows you to focus on the present and display your strength as the warrior you are!

Standing tall at the front of your mat, step back with the left foot, bringing it parallel to the back of the mat. Bend deeply into your right knee, allowing the knee to come directly over the ankle (lengthen or shorten your stance if you need to!). Open your hips to the side, extend the arms over your legs, and glance over your right fingertips. Feel strong, feel beautiful, and feel the burn in your legs! Be sure to practice this pose on both sides.


Goddess Pose

Goddess pose, or Deviasana, is one that is so important for women, moms, and moms-to-be alike! The hips are a critical structure for women—they not only carry life, but are also where we hold a lot of our stress. This pose helps unlock that tension and stress in your hips, while displaying pure power in your lower and upper body.

 Take a wide stance with your heels in, toes out. Bend into your knees, keeping them over your ankles, and aiming to get those thighs parallel to the mat below. Bring your arms up as goal posts (or as flexed arms). Strengthen your legs and open your hips as you recognize your power as a woman and a true goddess!


Easy Pose

Easy pose, or Sukhasana, is a comfortable seated position. A position that as a mom you very rarely get to find yourself in for any length of time! Easy pose is a pose of peace, patience, and reflection. A pose that allows you to find quiet and calm your mind amidst the constant to-dos of motherhood.

 Sit comfortably wherever you are. In the kitchen, on your bed, in the middle of toys. Bring your palms together at heart center, and take as long as you can to relax your body, slow your breaths, and clear your mind of any worry and stress. On your inhales breathe in positivity, and on your exhales breathe out any worry. Practice this one as often as you can!

 It’s not easy being a mom. And it’s not easy finding ME time. But whether you’re with your kids, surrounded by toys, or in the middle of cleaning dishes, find even a moment out of your day to celebrate the strong woman you are and the strong women in your life. Moms carry the weight of the world, but also make the world go round. Let yoga celebrate all you do, inspire you to stay strong, and allow you to effortlessly make it all happen!

About the Author

Bumps in the road of life originally brought Kristin Niemi to yoga, and yoga has continued to be a positive constant when ups and downs have happened over the past 9 years. A new mommy to 11-month-old baby Levi, she has found that the optimism, breath work, focus, and stamina she's gained from yoga has allowed for strong positivity through pregnancy, birth, and now through sleepless nights! Amidst her busy schedule as a full-time mom, with a full-time job, and teaching yoga part-time, she finds time whenever she can, wherever she is, to practice yoga and bring Levi into the practice that has been so important in her life. Her Instagram profile @studioartyoga focuses on yoga with her #yogababy, and finding positivity in this crazy thing called life!


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